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January 29, 2019

What do women look for in a Man of their dreams?

what women want from men

Women need men to be capable of mutual respect, open communication, honesty, trust taking responsibility for actions as well as behavior, high level of maturity & Men showing kindness, patience, also being considerate of
each other’s feelings are the few highlights but there’s no reliable assessment that can predict & ensure whether someone is going to be a match for you or not.

However, recognizing what we need from our companion increases relationship Quotient.

Women don’t need partners who invest all their energy in trying to prove how strong, masculine or heroic they are , they just want men who are willing to treat them fairly, equitably, be little supportive emotionally & practically and who are able to make sure that the romantic spark keeps burning.

Gender shouldn’t be a disadvantage in a relationship or a workplace, gender roles constrain behavior, playing a part in breaking down harmful gender roles at home and in the workplace benefits both men & women.

Women also need the men in their lives to be feminist allies who want to see the women in their lives succeed every bit as much as they want to enjoy their own success. Men should take time to recognize & acknowledge a women’s strengths & respect her for all that she brings to their relationship and when it comes to romantic connection, women want the same thing’s men want, they might just want them in different order.

Honesty, communication, reliability, romance, understanding, caring, compassion are the key words.


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