Building a Positive bond with in laws
Building a Positive bond with in laws
July 9, 2019
Marriage And Its Influence
Marriage And Its Influence On The Society
January 15, 2020

Things to know before you get married

Things to know before you get married

The easier it seems to get married the more difficult it is to retain and sustain.
All romance may not end on marriage but all marriages are expected to work on love, which is not possible. Love is based on respect, trust, compatibility and lot of other factors, it has to be nurtured.
Young people want love before anything else which is why there’s so much confusion in matrimony.
Parents have one notion of marriage the younger generation has another.
The age for marriage has gone up for boys and girls, love marriages have increased by almost 30% in metro’s.
The idea of arranged marriage too is changing.
The factors people look for in a potential spouse are altering.
The option of divorce has also become easier the ever before.
Young people are no longer hesitant of walking out of an unhappy marriage.
More widen choices about marriages for their offspring, background checking is becoming more challenging.
Though you may think that you have talked about everything, there are certainly some questions you must have not discussed.
In order to make your marriage successful and reduce chances of divorce, sit down and talk about serious issues before you say yes.
It will enhance communication between you two and it will help you assertion your decision of getting married to the right person.
The different aspects are-

  1. Career
  2. Home
  3. Physical intimacy
  4. Children
  5. Religious Beliefs
  6. Leisure
  7. Family
  8. Personal space etc.

Are we both professionally established and intellectually capable.
Can we afford changes in income and will it meet our life goals as a couple.
How will we manage debts and savings.
Will we keep our money in joint and individual account or both.
Will one of us will give our career to stay home with our children.
Would the women work full time after having children.

How important is it for you to have a space in your home that is your’s alone.
Division of work, especially when we have kids.
Can you handle another person ,even one you love in your space.
Are they open to share household chores.

Any physical ailment and what are you doing to prevent it .
How often are we expected to have sex.
What if one of us doesn’t want to have physical intimacy, how we will deal with it.
Does your weight and appearance affects your ability to be intimate.

Do you want to have children ,how many?
How long you want to wait before having children.
Would you feel unfulfilled if your were unable to have children.
What is your take on accidential pregnancy & view on abortion.

How often will we go on vacation.
Activities you enjoy on a holiday.
How much money you intend to spend on leisure activities.
Will you indulge in activities that might make your partner uncomfortable like gambling, drinking.
You like going out often or staying home.
How often do you like to go out with your friends alone.

How much time you spend with parents and other relatives.
What do you like or dislike about your family.
Do you take independent decisions or get influenced by your parents.
How important is that you and your partner are on good terms with each others family.
Will unresolved or ongoing family issues ever be a factor for you in breakup of a relationship.

Is your partner very religious or partially religious.
If inter-caste would you allow your children to choose their religious beliefs, when they grow up.
Any strong special religious ceremonies that you and your partner family thinks about.

How much time both of you need for yourself.
Does your partner like to spend much time with friends.
Do your partner like to spend time all by yourself,reading, writing.

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