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Matrimonial Company in Gurugram
May 28, 2019
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Matrimonial Company in Noida
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Significance Of Kundli Matching In Hindus

Kundli Matching In Hindus

In a lifetime, a person makes numerous important decisions at every stage out of which marriage is perhaps the most important as well as difficult one. This single decision alone can affect your future and growth prospects greatly. Marriage is considered to be an extremely sacred and pious bond of two souls which is the reason why it is essential to match the compatibility (kundli) of both individuals.

  • As per the Hindus in India, match-making or horoscope matching is of extreme significance. The important factors worth considering while matching kundlis are the places where the planet moon is present in both the kundlis.
  • The 8 aspects of life on which the matchmaking is based are: Varan, Vasya, Yoni, Gan, Tara, Maitri, Grah, Nadi and Bhakoot. Through this it can be determined whether the two persons are good enough for each other to be tied in the bond of marriage. A number of determining factors or parameters are there to know whether what impact one will have on the other post marriage and how successful the relationship would be.
  • In total, there are 36 numbers of points to be matched. Each of the above mentioned factors hold some points. It is these numbers that decide the future of the prospective bride and groom. Higher the number of points, higher will be the chances of blissful, successful and harmonious married life.

As per Vedic Astrology, the stars of both the individuals exert influence on each other, thus, affecting the future and destiny of each other. Therefore, it becomes extremely essential to analyze the compatibility of both before tying the sacred knot so that they may enjoy a healthy and balanced married life.

One can consult a well read priest for this purpose. These days kundlis can be matched through the online medium as well, as the Internet is flooded with numerous kundli softwares.

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