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When you try to change your spouse you are sending the message
April 3, 2019
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Since we can not change reality
April 5, 2019

My Silence Means I Am Trying To Move On

My Silence Means

My Silence Means I A Trying To Move On

My Silence means I am tired to fighting & now there is nothing left to fight for. My Silence means I am tired of explaining my feelings to you, but now I don’t have the energy to explain them anymore. My Silence means I have adapted to the changes in my life & I don’t want to explain. My Silence means I am on Self healing process &  I am trying to forget everything I ever wanted from you that I am just trying to move on gracefully with all my dignity.

Mahatma Gandhi Said “It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.” Distance doesn’t separate people, but Silence does. When Silence starts doing most of the talking between two people you can be assured it’s over.

When a women is retreating from her partner, creating more distance from him that could be her way of Sending message about her fears or her desires. Or it could be a way of saying She’s frustrated or finished with the relationship. People often distance themselves from others when they feel something is wrong or missing in the relationship.

So one should not worry when she yell’s at you, She blames you & send long essays, or when she cries at night because you said or did something wrong because they are all displays of her Love & this is how she exhibits of how much She Loves you & seeks for your attention.

One should worry when her messages are only answers of one word, When She no longer fights with you, When She stops crying, When She stops reacting or talking.

It is a Cause of worry because this means that her partner is no Longer worth her anger or worth a fight. Because it Says that those flames that burned her passion are now Cold as ice. Because her Silence is far more dangerous than her words, her silence can destroy much more than her words ever will. A women’s Silence means her man is no Longer that person who occupies her thoughts.

Her words are her Love & Silence is her departure, it is the beginning of the end. When a women is hurted & She smiles & She is not annoyed that means She is ready to go & leave & She will never return back.




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